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What is No-CRM.com?

No-CRM.com all about the differences between CRM and Lead Management, and in particular why companies think they need CRM but really need Lead Management.

No-CRM.com is presented by Leads360, the leading provider of web based Lead Management & Tracking software.

No-CRM.com can help you realize the differences between CRM and Lead Management and hopefully see that your organization can achieve its sales goals with powerful Lead Management rather than CRM.
Leads360's CEO speaks out about the differences between Lead Management and CRM. Read Jeff Solomon's personal Weblog: Lead Management Software & Business Strategy.

Leads360: Lead Management CEO
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Is Your Lead Tracking Software Fulfilling All Your Needs? Lead tracking technologies are integral to all CRM systems because they are the aspect of the system that helps you gather customer data from your sales force. The ideal lead tracking software package, however, won't just tell you where the sales are coming from, but will help generate revenue by pointing sales representatives to higher conversion segments of your customer base. Lead management packages such as the LeadManager from Leads360 vary in features and capabilities, but most businesses require a software package versatile enough to track both in-bound and out-bound sales information while taking into account numerous lead sources. If your current lead tracking software is unable to track lead information from a majority of the following sources, chances are you're going to be left behind by your competition.
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