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Lead Management: Do's and Don'ts

The successful implementation of a Lead Management System requires the consideration of a range of issues, including usability, information architecture and information management.

Do: Automate a process that ties marketing lead generation strategies to a tactical sales process to successfully close the leads.

Do: Select a system that is fast and easy to use. A Lead Management system should collect all leads in the same database, classify leads to their stage of development, and efficiently direct the best leads to the right personnel.

Do: Involve marketing staff often and early, and make certain that all personnel become fluent in the system and know how to turn its features and benefits into solutions.

Don't: Implement a system that is too complicated for company personnel to use. If the system won't help marketing teams close more leads, they won't use it.

Don't: Neglect the follow-through. Personnel must be punctual in updating the system with the status of each lead, and setting a follow up date and time so progress can be determined.


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